Aquamar® Introduces Nova Lox Style Smoked Salmon Flavored Seafood

Aquamar Classic Nova Lox Smoked Style Salmon Serving Suggestion PhotoAquamar Classic 6 oz Nova Lox Style Smoked Salmon PackageAquamar® is excited to introduce a new product to its Aquamar® Classic premium brand, Nova Lox Style Smoked Salmon Flavored Seafood. This unique and flavorful product is made with real Atlantic Salmon and is an excellent substitute for more costly Nova or Lox Style Smoked Salmon.

Our new Nova Lox Style Smoked Salmon Flavored Seafood product provides many benefits to consumers:

  • Great Tasting Nova Lox style product
  • Consistent slice size and count makes it versatile and easy to use
  • An excellent source of natural seafood omega-3
  • Low cholesterol source of protein
  • A significant value for consumers versus traditional, more costly Nova or Lox Style Smoked Salmon

Aquamar® Classic Nova Lox Style Smoked Salmon Flavored Seafood offers great value and versatility for traditional Lox applications including the classic Lox and bagels, in addition to being a delicious source of protein for a wide variety of in-home meals.


Aquamar® Develops New Sushi Filling Product

Easy Squeeze Sushi Roll Filling Product Photo 
Aquamar® has developed the first ever pre-mixed, ready to use sushi filling, Aquamar Easy Squeeze™ Sushi Filling. This innovative product combines our premium quality shred style Surimi Seafood, dressing, and spices to create a signature sushi filling product.

Aquamar Easy Squeeze™ Sushi Filling is available in a convenient 4 lb pack that separates into two equal 2 lb pouches. The product is ready to use with just a quick, 3 step prep: Remove, Cut, and Squeeze! This first ever product may revolutionize sushi preparation.


Aquamar® Adds New Hispanic Market Brand

Marazul 16 oz Crab Leg & Flake Style Packages
Marazul LogoMarazul™ brand by Aquamar® is the first Surimi Seafood product designed for the US Hispanic market with bi-lingual packaging. These products are made in the US and proven in Mexico and Central America. Marazul™ crab flavored Surimi Seafood products are available in popular, easy-to-use flake and leg styles. All Marazul™ brand products offer great value and versatility for exciting, delicious in-home meals.


Aquamar® Certified by SQF

Aquamar® is pleased to announce its recognition and certification under the globally recognized and trusted food safety and quality management system, Safe Quality Food (SQF). SQF is a third-party certification program managed by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). The SQF Program is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) globally recognized standard based in the United States. Independent certification from SQF provides assurance that food has been produced, processed, and handled according to the highest possible standards, and that it has met domestic and international food safety regulations.